This week's special shoot was designed to mimic 1940's pin-up style. Each girl found her niche, whether it be the all-American girl,

the patriotic sailor, the lounge singer, the traditional housewife, or Rosie the Riveter!  The girls brought their favorite 40s clad, and

we made their "look" come to life!

But this wasn't just a photo shoot, it was a party! Ready and eager to channel their inner 40s diva for the evening, we encouraged the women to bring wine, beer, food, and anything else that would make their "party shoot" complete.  During this shoot, they had pizza ordered, and wine chilled; ready to experience the 40s.

Jessica Suchter is a professional hairstylist and make-up artist, who specializes in re-creating that "vintage" look.  Each girl arrived make-up free without their hair 'done,' and Jess went to work! For these pin-up shoots, she curls, styles, sprays, and sets every girl's special 'do. She often adds a special flower or head scarf to top off the look. Jess then turns their fresh face into a "Mad Men" look alike, complete with red lips, and sultry eyes. Jess can turn any girl into a 'Marilyn,' a 'Betty,' an 'Ava,' or even a 'Rosie!'

Props are provided by Todd Hiller Photography, from the vintage telephone, to the 1940s Singer sewing machine, a vintage microphone (perfect for our lounge singer), coke bottles, American flags, and more. Party-goers are encouraged to bring any props they have that may add to their 40s look.

Once the shot is set, its time to enjoy yourself and pose! Todd's lighting and studio design for the evening, make all the photos appear as if they were taken 75 years ago! It's then up to the client to give a wink, blow a kiss, do a playful pose or even give a traditional sailor salute, to take us back in time!

These girls had a blast throughout the evening, and we encourage YOU and your friends, to book your next birthday party, girls night out, or bachelorette party, with Todd & Jess, to make your 40s pin-up dream into a reality!


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